Heat Tracing – Thermon

9. September 2005

THERMON is the leading company for industrial heat tracing. Since 1954 the Thermon products and services are applied on a global scale in the heat tracing market for pipe lines, tanks and instruments.

The THERMON head quarters are in San MarcosTexas with affiliate companies in a number of US states and in countries like the Netherlands, France, United Kingdom, Germany, Russia, China, India, Korea, Japan and Australia.

Owing to state of the art manufacturing facilities, many patented products, as well as the know-how of more than 500 highly experienced employees, the company acquired a position of global dominance. Core product is the biggest range of heating cables in the market: Self Regulating heating cables, Series heating cables, Parallel Constant Watt heating cables, Power Limiting heating Cables and ‘Skin Effect’ heating systems.

heating cables

Depending on the design and the type of application it is always possible to select a proper type of heating cable and output. Design parameters are for example: pipe diameter, insulation thickness, product temperature, hazardous or non-hazardous area, ambient temperature (down to -60°c), complexity of the piping system etc.

For heat tracing is, besides the heating cable, an exact and proven control and monitoring system a condition for the proper functioning of the heating system. For that reason THERMON has been working together with FELLER ENGINEERING for many years already. Based on temperature control and monitoring systems that have proven themselves over many years, a system was developed evolving into a THERMON specific product with special characteristics: the TC816 control and monitoring system.

At this moment the TC816 is reliably performing on a Global basis. From installations in the wilderness if icy Siberia to the heat of African deserts and, since some time, on inland water way tankers.

The heating of lines on tanker ships is becoming increasingly important. In the past heat tracing was only used for safety and eye showers on tankers with dangerous products. Nowadays the
requirements for heat tracing are much more demanding and extended to filling and return lines including the valves. A typical installation example is the tanker Rowinda.

Temperature Control and Monitoring System TC816

heated pipes and lines

This multi chemicals tanker bears the Dutch flag and runs along Rhine between the loading stations in Holland, Germany and Switzerland and the big chemical companies. On this Ship, with a length of 110 m and a loading capacity of 3.800 m3, all the heat tracing was supplied by THERMON Benelux. The TC816 system takes care of all the temperature control and monitoring.

The design of the heat tracing with a total length of over 2 km is such that it allows for transport of various chemical fluids at the same time. The lines can be controlled at different temperatures and stay within the required temperature limits. To the control panel on the ship a total load of 50kva of heat tracing is connected. All the lines are controlled by 2 TC816 units.

These units communicate to each other by means of two independent RS485 bus connections. The system is operated from the bow of the ship by means of the LCD Unit TCD01 in the control panel for entering and reading out of the temperature settings, operating values and parameters and alarm conditions. On the bridge, at the other end of the ship, a PC with BDE System Visual FECON has been installed. All heating data, alarms and system information is collected and can be read out any time. The captain of the tanker can select and set, depending on the cargo, the required set points and per down load they can be transferred to the connected TC816. At the same time Visual FECON can document that the correct product temperatures have been maintained during the transport (QC).

motor tanker ROWINDA

Heat Tracing

This is just one small example of many, also much more extensive projects, in which the TC816 is successfully applied. As a result of the specific THERMON know how and the universal control
and monitoring technology of FELLER ENGINEERING a system was created that is extremely versatile and adaptable to the specific heat tracing applications.

With the TC816 and the auxiliary equipment TCD01 and Visual FECON THERMON has a complete and future orientated control system. Even system extensions like Internet operation, alarming by SMS (to mention a few extension possibilities) can be realized when necessary.

The dedication to comply to all further demands will also in the future be the basis for the cooperation between THERMON and FELLER ENGINEERING.

LCD-Operating Unit TSD01