Hot Runner Controllers – worldwide with KTW Group

9. September 2003

The company Kunststoff-Technik-Waidhofen in Austria has developed to one of the leading mould makers. After the foundation in 1979 in Waidhofen and further shops, 1991 in Germany and 1999 in the Czech Republic, the KTWGroup
has meanwhile a staff of about 400 employees.

Injection molding tool

Fast injection moulds with great numbers of cavities are the special final products for packaging and closures of personal care and beverages. These include constructions for single components multi-components as well as multi-colour products for hotrunner systems. Experiences over many years enable the construction of moulds for all components and colours in stack mould, Spin-Stack (Gram-Technology) or rotary table technology.

The international representations of the KTWGroup propagate the MCS controllers together with the injection mould. Big moulds with lots of cavities require great numbers of zones for the temperature controllers.

MCScontrol with touch screen monitor is the appropriate solution. These both technologies finish their jobs worldwide with precision, robustness  and reliability. This refers to the engagement of the KTW-Group, which is prepared for the challenge of mould making state of the art.

Hot runner controller MCS with 15″ Touch Screen MCScontrol

Since more than 5 years the MCS hotrunner controller has grown to a reputable partner at the KTW-Group. It controls complicate multi component moulding processes within shortest cycle times absolutely correct.
The basis of common projects with state of the art technology is the service-friendly reliable MCS System, which is available from small units to double cabinets with monitor.