Special Features – SPEAR SYSTEM

9. September 2003

The successful spread of hot runner controllers MCS from FELLEER ENGINEERING bases on the continuous update of  hard- and software of the system. Knowledge and requirements from the daily practice and actual electronics are  coupled to a controller state of the art.

One exceptional application is the adaption to the Spear System. The MCS SYSTEM has been extended with several  special functions to match these requirements.

The technology of the SPEAR nozzles and torpedoes enables thermal opening and closing of the nozzles without  mechanical valves and the referring hydraulic.

Function of the SPEAR SYSTEM:

The torpedoes and nozzles have an separate heating element integrated in the tip. This will be activated by the injection moulding machine to melt the plastic material in the tip and open the nozzle. After injection the tip will refreeze and close.
The main heater of the nozzle controls the temperature of the barrel like in standard hot runner systems.
This system creates a valve based on temperature instead of mechanics. This is the typical feature of the SPEAR SYSTEM.

Thermic control of tip and barrel at a SPEAR nozzle

SPEAR hot runner controller MCS8+3

Only a single heater element in this system can not ensure the function of this system. The two heaters would affect each other. This additional features in MCS required additional parameters to enable the synchronous function with the injection moulding machine.
There are three different types of heaters in the system: tip, barrel and manifold. These have to be power by different voltage.

The summary of all these features constitutes a system that suffices high precision demands. The separate control of tip and barrel is the typical distinction of the SPEAR SYSTEM and the referring MCS controller.