Specific Control – Dr. Collin GmbH

9. September 2008

Since 1972 Dr. Collin GmbH has been manufacturing pilot plants and laboratory equipment for the plastic processing industry. With 80 qualified, highly motivated employees and a global sales network, DR. COLLIN GmbH has assumed a leading position in this field. Its customers include companies from the fields of polymer chemistry, medical technology, plastic processing as well as research institutes and training centres all over the world.

Single screw extruder E20TH

The product range includes:

  • Table top roll mills
  • 2, 3, 4 roll calenders for PVC, PTFE etc.
  • Platen presses
  • Single screw extruders
  • Compounders
  • Single and multi-layer films:
  • Flat film systems
  • Blown film systems
  • Pipe systems
  • Lamination systems
  • Measuring units for filter tests, film inspection systems, online rheometers

The integration of special customer requirements in the development concept guarantees the customer an optimum solution for a large number of tasks in the plastic processing field. At the same time, however, each detail of COLLIN products are also constantly improved and adapted to global processing methods.

Thus, for example, the DR. COLLIN GmbH teach line range was designed particularly for use in teaching and research and  consists of different small table top machines. Because of the compact design of this range and the increasing requirements of plastic processing technology, the development of a particularly small but extremely flexible, powerful machine control system was required. Another problem that was solved by FELLER ENGINEERING GmbH – a reliable partner in the control technology field since 1989.

After compiling the product specifications, after the first joint discussions on the bases for later programmability and rough design sketches, the prototype for a completely new control unit for the teach line range was created: the SCR15.

Technical details:

  • 10 switchable inputs for PT100/ thermal components
  • 5 0..10VDC inputs
  • 1 DMS input
  • 16 24VDC digital outputs
  • 8 24VDC digital inputs
  • 4 potential-free alarm contacts
  • 24 VDC power supply
  • RS232, RS485 and CAN-BUS interfaces

Control SCR15

E20T table top extruder teach line

The constantly jointly developed design led to a specific DR. COLLIN control unit that is currently being manufactured in production runs and is used all over the world.

The replaceable SCD 15 operating unit was developed especially to ensure user-friendly operation of the control components. It is available in three different sizes and always fitted with a data wheel that enables the sensitive use of all adjustment values.

Fitted with the CAN-Bus, motor drives from many different manufacturers are operated using the SCD15 / SCR15 units. The common interface and the data wheel ensure a convenient, uniform operation of the screw speed, melt pump or different dosing systems.

The DMS amplifier integrated into the SCR15 ensures that a pressure sensor can be connected. This is a prerequisite for integrated pressure control. The control unit ensures a constant melt pressure under the most varied operating conditions by quickly changing the screw speed.

All machines can be networked using a common protocol with the RS485 port that is also installed. Thus a higher level central operation is also possible. DR. COLLIN GmbH uses the Visual FECON PC software, also produced by FELLER ENGINEERING as standard, to operate, log and evaluate all production process values.

Internally disclosed interfaces allow the DR. COLLIN GmbH staff to program the control unit themselves. Thus self-developed routines can be combined with FELLER ENGINEERING’s tried and trusted control algorithms. The use of the control unit here extends far beyond the original requirements of the teach line segment.

5-shift blow moulding system

In the collaboration with DR. COLLIN GmbH that has already lasted more than 2 decades, extremely different control tasks could be solve, such as for multi-layer film systems, rheological tests, automatic control of test processes in filter tests, pressure control in kneaders and much more.

FELLER ENGINEERING will be a reliable partner for these complex tasks in future too.