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Customised industrial electronics

Many years of experience

Feller Engineering has many years of experience in the development of customised electronic components. Tailor-made solutions are provided for our customers using request-specific modifications and amendments based mostly on existing components and software packages. For this we can fall back on already tried and tested modules based on numerous projects. This results in significant time and cost savings allowing us to bring the product to market quickly with good prospects.

Our experienced engineers and technicians will support you from the concept to start of production:

  • Designing the hardware and software architecture
  • Modular circuit design and layout based on tried and tested modules
  • Prototype construction
  • Series

Examples of customised solutions

Operating unit with control function

The user-friendly operating unit has a modular structure and different sizes of operating unit can be connected to the control unit depending on the size requirements of the application.

Different manufacturers’ power drives fitted with the CAN bus are used. The common interface and the data wheel ensure a convenient, uniform operation of the screw speed, melt pump or different dosing systems.

Operating and indicator display

The FM16 LCD display is the basic hardware for providing the display and alarm signals for up to 30 connected devices with customised special functions. This provided an additional option in the area of trace heating, as well as the already realised Profibus communication to operate the controller and limiter on the switch cabinet door.

Configurable operating monitor

The project involved the development of an operating monitor for extrusion systems. In addition to the TFT display, the hardware contains a card reader, soft keys and hardware control units for the associated switchgear. The software displays and operates a system, whose quantity structure is determined during commissioning. Communication with the autonomous control system completes the project.

Compact control unit with freely programmable PLC

Control and operating unit with analogue and digital inputs and outputs, potential-free alarm contacts, various communication interfaces (CAN bus, RS232, RS485, Ethernet), as well as a freely programmable PLC complying with IEC 61131-3