Zahoransky Business Partner Award

10. June 2016

“The company to which we want to give our 2013 award has existed for 41 years and has been supplying us since before my time at Zahoransky.

We thought about it long and hard but, looking back, we couldn’t find anything to criticise – no quality problems, even after many years, no delayed deliveries and customer management that is second to none – , this is already frightfully good… And everyone, including us, can learn something from this customer management.

The following appears on the website: As a medium-sized company, flexibility is our strength. We know how important it is to tackle our customers’ requirements pragmatically and to convert them into functional products. We are aware that only a powerful after-sales service creates satisfied customers.

We are of the opinion that everything that has been written about them has been implemented 100% in our case. The Zahoransky Business Partner Award 2013 goes to Feller Engineering GmbH.”