MCS®e Hot runner controllers – the economic version

  • Basic Equipment
  • 2 up to 16 zones
  • Soft start
  • Group heating

Economic MCS®e Hot runner controllers

The MCSe range uses the tried and tested technology of thousands of MCS hot runner control devices in a more compact design, for a reduced number of control circuits. The performance range of the MCS series is based on many years of close cooperation with the plastic-processing industry. Extra care has been taken to ensure that adequate user-friendly operability is provided while fulfilling all the requirements of a modern hot runner control device. MCSe devices are available for 2 up to 16 control circuits in one housing.


Performance characteristics

  • 2 to 16 zones
  • Potential-free alarm outputs
  • Power per zone 230VAC/16A
  • Soft start for gentle heating
  • Group heating
  • Setpoint programs



  • Simple operation using a plastic film keyboard
  • Separate display field with theoretical/actual comparison for the value input
  • Clear display field with individual display fields that can be switched between target value, actual value, differential value and output rate


Easy to use, clear arrangement of the keys and displays, rugged control structure and a practical design characterise the MCSe range. After switching on, the control device reaches the specified target value and even recognises whether maintaining a position at 100°C is necessary for drying or not. In order to avoid a thermally unbalanced load when heating, all zones are allocated 100°C when the drying routine is activated..
Subsequently, during group heating, the respective target values are reached at the same time. The heating rate of the slowest zone determines the heating rate of the entire hot runner system. The function of the automatic group heating replaces the manual entry of different heating ramps for nozzles and manifolds in the MCSe device.
When changing tools, no manual adjustments need to be made. Error messages (sensor break, sensor polarity reversal, excess/ insufficient temperature, leakage current and system error) are shown on the display and can be picked up on the back of the device through the alarm socket.

Supply voltage


3x 400VAC, N, PE /
3x 230VAC, PE



Power consumption

max. 27W


Control voltage internal
Control voltage external
Regulation outputs

1 x 0,8A medium inert (5 x 20mm)
1 x 4A medium inert (6,3 x 32mm)
each 16A gRL (6,3 x 32mm)

Thermocouple inputs

Fe-CuNi type J


Temperature deviation by cableresistors

Sensor level depends on wire
diameters and length

Temperature compensation


Temperature accuracy


Temperature actualisation

15 measurements per second

Controller outputs

bistable, electrical isolated

per zone

1x heating, 230VAC contact

Current per zone

max. 16A

Collective alarm outputs (alarm contact)


1x alarm contact (NO)

max. voltage


max. current

4A at cos φ = 1
2A at cos φ = 0,5

Control routines

PI, PD or PID with
automatical and manual
control mode, controlparameters
to set for all
zones separately

Data memory (EEPROM)

Datea storage

min. 10 years

Abient conditions

Operation temperature
Safty class

IP 20

Surface temperature of the unit

max. 55°C

Storage temperature

< 95% rel. humidity, no dew-drop



ca. 8kg

Information material

Data file
MCSe Manual
MCSe - the economic version
MCSe Product information
MCSe - the economic version
Data file