MCS® – Hot runner controllers that meets the highest demands

  • Accurate and robust temperature controller
  • Unique operating and display concept
  • Highest operating safety
  • Comprehensive monitoring functions
  • Clear information on the potential cause of the fault and its resolution
  • Mobile control and diagnostics station
  • Service-friendly Design
  • Flexible extension of the number of zonesEasy machine integration

We know what we´re talking about!

MCS® hot runner controllers are the result of a long-standing collaboration with the plastics processing industry and over 40 years of on-going experience in temperature controlling technology.

Our compact controllers combine cutting edge technology with a high level of functionality. The controllers’ flexibility and ability to accurately control temperatures make them suitable for hot runners of all manufactures.

The controllers are extremely robust and easy to service. Fanless operation for devices starting at 20 zones, fuses that are accessible from the outside, optimal access to all components for servicing and the housing’s small footprint make the controllers unique in the industry.


Flexibility for the highest demands!

The control panel and display consist of three units: a touchscreen for optimal handling and parameterisation, function keys to quickly select commands and an additional separate display for each of the zones that is easy to read from a distance. This offers the highest level of operational safety and user friendliness.

Customers can choose from 6 housing sizes, enabling them to create 2 to 128 control loops with one device. The controllers can be combined to expand the number of zones in such a way that the whole unit works as one controller.

Unique LED strips that are clearly visible from any angle – even at a distance – indicate the different operating modes.

Internally, the controllers have a modular configuration, enabling them to be completely integrated in the injection molding machine and thus operated from the machines´s control panel.


Accurate and robust temperature controller


  • High control accuracy
  • High operating safety
  • Robust temperature controller
  • Flexible for hot runners of all manufacturers

Unique operating and display concept


  • Intuitive touchscreen operation and parameterisation
  • Separate, switchable display for all zones
  • Optimal visibility of all zone values and operating modes – even from a distance
  • Function keys to quickly select commands

Green indicates that everything is OK. The controller is operating normally.

Yellow indicates non-critical deviations from normal operation.

Red indicates faults or temperature limits that have been exceeded.
The outputs are deactivated.


Maximum power with 16A for all zones


  • Highest operating safety even at higher operating temperatures
  • Maximum flexibility in the assignment of the nozzle and manifold outputs
  • Customisations for higher outputs are possible

Comprehensive monitoring functions


  • High operating safety to protect tools, hot runners and controllers


Comprehensive monitoring functions:

  • Sensor fault/short circuit/reversed polarity
  • Output rate
  • Leakage current
  • Heater
  • Fuse
  • Triac

Troubleshooting for rapid fault location


  • Very short downtimes in the event of a failure
  • Clear information on the potential cause of the fault and its resolution

Mobile control and diagnostics station


  • Graphical display of temperatures over a period of multiple days (historic trending)
  • Intuitive operation with graphical tool display
  • Comprehensive tool diagnostics with protocol
  • Remote use (up to 100 metres)
  • Can be used as a mobile diagnostics station with devices with integrated touchscreen

Touch-PC MCScontrol

Diagnostics protocol

Temperature curves

Graphical display of the tool


Service-friendly Design


  • Low downtime
  • Low repair costs
  • No special knowledge required to replace fuses
  • Worldwide support

Flexible extension of the number of zones


  • Flexible expansion of the number of zones with smaller standard devices
  • Combined controllers work as one controller
    • Centralised operation
    • Continuous number of zones
    • Synchronised alarms across all systems

Easy machine integration


  • Small footprint
  • Easy to integrate the hot runner control module in standard control cabinets
  • Meets hygiene requirements for cleanroom applications
  • Number of zones can be expanded with standard controllers

Satisfied customers

AGRODUR Grosalski GmbH & Co. KG

„… We’ve been working with Feller Engineering GmbH for over two decades and have come to know them as an extremely reliable and competent business partner…“

Weißer + Grießhaber GmbH

„… Feller is a great partner, especially when it comes to finding special solutions for the most extreme requirements…“

M+C Schiffer GmbH

„… The device’s service friendliness and the great support are why we’ll continue to use Feller.“

Many other features that it is worthwhile discovering


Diagnosis with wiring check can be activated

  • High level of operational safety by notifying transposed or wrongly connected wiring

Soft start

  • Gentle heating

Fuses are accessible from the outside of the device

  • Fast, easy fuse replacement
  • Down time reduced to a minimum

Heating controlled by
phase-fired control/ pulse packages
per zone can be selected for units from 20 zones

  • Flexible modification of highly sensitive processes

when fitted with a touch display

  • Operation in national language possible


  • Rapid commissioning due to the simultaneous operation of several combined zones

Auto power

  • Controlled continued heating in the event of a sensor failure
  • Production down times reduced

Potential-free alarm contacts

  • Central monitoring possible

Leakage current monitoring
with intelligent drying routine

  • Protection for nozzles and material.

Customer-specific extensions

  • Individual functions can be performed

Mains voltage protection for sensor inputs

  • In the event of a failure, plug-in fuses can be replaced quickly and cheaply

Tool memory
for 6 parameter sets of the configuration data for all zones

  • Time saved when starting up again after a tool change
  • Sources of input errors prevented

Sequential heating
or cooling of zones or zone groups

  • Clean sealing on the nozzle tip

Group heating

  • Protection for nozzles and material
  • Thermal imbalance in hot runners avoided

Digital control inputs
(formula selection, release, standby)

  • Machines can be connected

Customer-specific plug connector

  • A suitable design can be supplied for each standard
Hot runner controllers that meet the highest demands
Operation and display with external touch screen
Integrated into the injection molding machine
Product type




Maximum number of zones




Alarm socket
Display for each zone



Auto power
Boost function
Data interface
External release
External 15" or 7" touch screen




Function network
Heating current monitoring
Leakage current monitoring
LED signal band



Mains voltage protection
Phase control from 20 zones
Soft start
Output rate monitoring
Star / delta changeover


Control inputs / outputs
Touch display



Group heating


Operating voltage


3x 380-400VAC, N, PE /
3x 220-230VAC, PE


+/- 10%

Power consumption


max. 70W

Max. load

according to the size



Control voltage electronics
Control voltage internal
power outputs
internal additional fuses

1x 0,8A medium inert (5 x 20mm)
1x 4A medium inert (6,3 x 32mm)
each 16A gRL (6,3 x 32mm)
each 16A inert (6,3 x 32mm)


Fe-CuNi type J
programmable for NiCr-Ni type K


Temperature deviation by cableresistors

Depending on length and wire diameter

Temperature compensation


Temperature measurement accuracy


Temperature monitoring

4x128 / secund


bistable, electrical isolated

per zone

1x heating, 230VAC contact

Reaction of controller

10ms at 50Hz

Current per zone

max. 16A (Standardausführung)

Achtung: Gesamtbelastbarkeit der Netzleitungen beachten!

Collective alarm outputs


1 x alarm-contact
1 x warning-contact

max. voltage


max. current

4A at cos φ = 1
2A at cos φ = 0,5

Control routines

PI, PD or PID with controlparameters
to set for all zones

Data memory (EEPROM)

Data storage

min. 10 years

Serial interface


RS485, protocols

FE3-Bus version 3.03,
alternativ Euromap17


Ambient conditions

Operation temperature

IP 20

Surface temperature of the unit

max. 55°C/131°F

Storage temperature



< 95% rel. humidity, no condensation

Typ of connectors at specification

Pollution degree 2

Light pollution of the contact-inserts


MCS till 8 zones
MCS till 16 zones


MCS 20 till 32 zones


MCS till 64 zones
MCS till 96 zones
MCS till 128 zones


Dimensions W/H/D

MCS till 8 zones
MCS till 16 zones

24 x 21 x 43cm
40 x 21 x 43cm

MCS 20 till 32 zones

45 x 28 x 48cm

MCS till 64 zones
MCS till 96 zones
MCS till 128 zones

55 x 76 x 55cm
55 x 101 x 55cm
55 x 121 x 55cm

MCSr from 36 zones

lesser height 8cm

Information material

Data file
Troubleshooting Hot Runner Controllers MCS
digest of the error massages
Functions-Parameter MCS hot runner controllers
Functions and parameters
MCS Touch display quickstart
MCS Keys display quickstart
MCS Brochure
Hot runner controller that meets the highest demands
MCScontrol-lite Product Information
7" Touch-Display
MCScontrol-lite Manual
7" Touch-Display
MCScontrol Manual
15" Touch-Screen IPC
MCSr Manual
MCSr-operation/display with touch screen
MCS Touch display manual
MCS Keys display manual
MCScontrol Product Information
15" Tocu Screen IPC
MCS-MCSr Product Information
MCS Info set-sequential heating-cooling
MCS Info set-diagnosis
MCS Info set-interlook with IMM
Interlook with injection molding machine
MCS Info set-plus-unit