MCS Precision in Control at Weisser + Griesshaber

14. April 2006

The cpy. Weißer + Grießhaber GmbH  started 35 years ago in the section of toothed gears and gear mechanism for watches by traditional injection technology. Today there are about 200 employees responsible for development of a wide range of branches and applications.


Präzision Plastic Parts

The plants in Germany (Mönchweiler), Czech Republic and China follow the methods state-of-the-art forHeating-, air-conditioning- and sanitary-

  • Automotive industry
  • Control- and safety-technology
  • Toothed wheels and gears
  • Housing technology
  • Cosmetics and health
  • Watches

in development, design and production.

These high-technologies require precision in all sections. The high levels of the internal specifications as well as the delivery in time claim top priority. To comply the quality standards by
100%, the control-technology has to build the basis by speed and accuracy. The FELLER ENGINEERING is the reliable partner since 1997.

The relationship between Weisser + Griesshaber and FELLER ENGINEERING makes profit for both companies up to now. The features of the controllers take part in the successes of increasing quality of production.

The manufacturing of high-precision miniature-rolls is one example for 114-zones application with MCS114 and the comfortable touch screen MCScontrol-2.

MCS Controller for Hot Runner Systems

MCScontrol Touchscreen at the Injection Molding Machine

In the plants of Weisser + Griesshaber you may find a part of the historical development of the hotrunner controllers of FELLER ENGINEERING. All controllers, from the RSA multi channel controller to different versions of the series MCS, have solved the increasing requirements. The older units prove the reliability and robustness. MCS control systems verify precision, speed and upper functionality with supervision and safety tasks. These do its job for the typical different applications of the injection technology at Weisser + Griesshaber.

The supervision of the output rate is an example for features of MCS, which are the result of the requirements of Weisser + Griesshaber. Some details of the touch screen monitor MCScontrol-2 are the result of both company’s experiences as well. After common tests FELLER ENGINEERING adds such features to the series of MCS for the availability of all customers.

The monitor is placed separately from the control unit at the operator side of the injection moulding machine.

The control cabinet is placed inside the safety cage of the handling robot. This is the fitting location or short cable length and an emergency operation at the controllers, if necessary.

MCS114 Controller for Hot Runner Systems inside the safety cage of the handling robot

Toothed wheels and gears

Toothed wheels and gears –

is the traditional business. These injection products are the technological highlights. A high degree of quality is required for gears of the mill wheels in coffee machines, the drives of D/DVD-players, automotive lock systems, industrial positioning modules or in the control-section of moving mechanics.

Insert technology and hybrid-components –

connect plastics and metal to detailed compact modules. This way the high efficiency as well as the small sizes increase the variety of applications. The experiences of this future-oriented technology are available for the customers from the design to construction and production. The reliable controller technology contributes to the manufacturing of parts for automatic gears, connectors, movement sensors, seat-adjustment or playback-modules of high value.

Insert technology and hybrid-components

Thin wall technology and microfilters

Thin wall technology and microfilters –

open a future-oriented market with lots of great chances for product design and new solutions in plastics. Reduction in weight, fast cycles and the increasing production capacity are the results of this technology.

Lenses and optical components –

set the extreme demand of surface quality for power-lenses and optical conductors in plastics. Brilliant and optical spotless and profile-accurate products are manufactured by injection moulding and injection stamping. Experiences and special knowledge as well as the passion for perfection guarantee the top quality.

Lenses and optical components

Weisser + Griesshaber reaches the self set high targets just to increase these further on. This is a challenge that FELLER ENGINEERING follows, too.