Multi-circuit controller with control panel and display

  • Integrated operating and display unit
  • Power output up to 5A at 230V
  • Comprehensive monitoring functions
  • Powerful controller functions

The CR15 multi-channel temperature controller is designed for 5, 10 or 15 temperature control circuits depending on the expansion stage and offers a complete control system in a compact aluminium housing with the following units:

  • Temperature recording with PT100 or thermal sensors
  • Control panel and display unit
  • Power outputs for direct switching of heating up to 5A
  • Communication interfaces to connect to higher level systems
  • Powerful controller functions, such as self-optimisation, monitoring functions and target value programmes


Inputs and outputs

Temperature recording:

  • Fe-CuNi or NiCr-Ni thermal components
  • Pt100 thermal resistances

Power outputs:

  • Optionally for 24VDC, 24VAC or 230VAC
  • Pulse mode, i.e. the unit is switched on and off at the zero voltage point
  • Maximum power per output 5A at 230V


Control panel and display unit

  • Reversible individual display of all control circuits (target value, actual value, control deviation, output rate, power)
  • Configuration with three stage password protection (control behaviour, limit values, communication, operating mode, ramp function)


Monitoring functions

  • Excess or insufficient temperature per control circuit
  • Sensor break, short circuit, reversed polarity
  • Defective area
  • Collective alarm as a potential-free alarm contact



  • RS485 to connect to higher level systems or to network several CR15 controllers


Controller functions

  • Self-optimising of the controller parameters (CR15+)
  • 4 target values can be activated per channel for temperature profiles
  • Ramp function
  • Heating and cooling behaviour can be configured separately
  • Automatic controller adjustment mode in the event of a sensor break
Multi-channel temperature controller with display
Multi-channel temperature controller with control panel/display and additional features
Product type



Maximum number of zones


30 outputs to control 15 heating/ cooling circuits

2 and/or 3 point controller

3 point controller

Extension stages

5/10/15 zones

CR5+/10+/15+ or
limiter with 1 relay output/ zone

Sensor inputs

Fe-CuNi, NiCr-Ni, Pt100

Fe-CuNi, NiCr-Ni, Pt100

Heating/ Cooling


Heating current monitoring


Connectable control circuits

depending on expansion stage

5, 10 or 15 zones

Controller outputs

Industrial TRIACS in pulse group control

max. 230V/5A load capacity per output
per group max. 15A

Temperature range

for Fe-CuNi


for NiCr-Ni


for thermal resistances (Pt100)


can be switched between °C and °F

per DIP-switch

Sensor inputs


with software linearisation

NiCr-Ni, Pt100

Control behaviour

PI, PD or PID, plus start-up circuitry and control parameters for each channel can be set separately

Summary of relay contacts

1x excess temperature
1x insufficient temperature
1x watchdog function



Control circuits

3x 16A very fast acting fuse for TRIAC power output cards (6,35 x 32mm)

Control circuit

1x 0,5A medium time delay (6,35 x 32mm)

Power connection

Power outputs

3x 230V/400V, 16A

Supply voltage

230V +5% / -10%, 20W
if required also 115VAC, 24VAC or 24VDC

Ambient temperature

max. 45°C

Housing surface temperature

max. 50°C


Front plate

3 HE = 128,4mm
42 TE = 213,0mm (19" Version)

Depth without terminals,
with terminals,
with interface plugs, straight


Front plate

3 HE = 128,4mm
Width = 230,0mm

Control cabinet cavity

H 114,4 x W 214,0mm


depending on expansion stage

2,5 - 3,0kg

Information material

Data file
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CR15plus Product information
CR15plus Manual
CR15 Product information
CR15 Manual